Why Buy Champion Safes

Champion Safe Gun Safes offer customers the best value on the market. All Gun Safes Are Built With American-Made, High Strength Steel

From the premier Crown Series gun safes to the sturdy Model T Gun Safe Series, each gun safe is built to outperform its closest competitor in price and quality.

In today's marketplace, not all gun safes are built equal. The security offered by cheap, lightweight gun safes is often little more than illusion. Deceptive-looking gun safes lull many buyers into a false sense of security.

Remember in the old movies how the bank robbers used dynamite to blow up safes? Those were heavy, tough safes ‐ too tough to break into using conventional tools. Unfortunately, dynamite is no longer needed to enter many of today's lightweight home safes - all a thief needs is a couple of large screwdrivers.

Champion still builds gun safes the old way: heavy and tough! the gun safes are built up to a standard, not down to a price. In fact, Champion Gun Safes are the heaviest, strongest, toughest safes on the market.

Champion Gun Safes Bulldozer vs. Safe 2

Champion Safe Security


A Champion Safe body is pressure formed from thick A-36 carbon steel plate with fully welded top and bottom caps ‐ not from smaller pieces of steel skip-welded together. Unlike our competitors, all welds are continuous.


All Champion doors are built out of heavy A-36 carbon steel plate with sandwiched fire insulation. A composite door offers more security and better fire protection than a plate steel door.


Champion uses only heavy-duty, ball bearing internal hinges. Internal hinges cost considerably more but add additional security.

Diamond Embedded Armor Plate™

To protect the lock from attack, Champion is the only home security safe company to bond industrial diamonds to its through-hardened, tungsten steel hardplate ‐ whereas many safe companies use only case hardened mild steel to save costs.


According to many locksmiths, Champion has the "strongest, smoothest boltworks in the industry." Champion is the only company to use active bolts on all of its safes ‐ no cheap dead bolts. Roughneck™ bolt guides provide lifetime ease of operation.


Champion Safe uses the two best locks built in the world. All mechanical locks are Sargent & Greenleaf™; all electronic locks are made by La GARD™ or Sargent & Greenleaf™‐ the two most reliable electronic locks made in America.

Auto-Relock™ System

Champion Safes feature multiple relockers that collectively protect a safe against drilling and forced entry.

Glass-Guard Relock System

Champion Safe is the only home security safe company to use a glass, bank-vault type relocker. Glass relockers come standard in our Crown Series

The Secret is Inside the Door Panel

Just as you wouldn't buy a car without looking under the hood, neither should you buy a safe without looking behind the door panel. We're proud to show you our boltworks - not embarrassed as some competitors are. Visit one of our dealers today to learn more about why our boltworks are some of the best available.

Remember, it's what's inside that counts.


Champion Safe Company warrants to the original purchaser only, that each new safe will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser from the date of delivery. Champion Safe Company shall only be liable under this warranty when the safe is used in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, paint scratches, or when misuse, negligence, or accident is evident.

Champion Safe warrants the painted surface of the safe with a limited lifetime warranty. (Model T Series five years.) This warranty applies to degradation of paint, cracking or checking, rust protection, loss of gloss by hazing, chalking or fading and peeling of the topcoat. Damaged safes are evaluated by a Champion Safe dealer. When a safe is returned to the factory, Champion Safe pays the freight and the freight for the replacement safe.

Not covered are repainted or repaired finishes, scratches, abrasions or chips caused intentionally, or accidentally through normal use, hazing of the paint caused by improper cleaning, i.e., use of improper abrasive detergents, industrial emissions, exposure to volatile or corrosive substances, waxes or moisture. Also, damages caused by accidents. The degradation caused by normal wear and tear of the safe is not covered under this warranty.

Locks carry the following warranty coverage. Mechanical lock systems are covered by a Limited Five Year Warranty. Electronic locks are covered by a two-year warranty. Champion Safe will determine the location of repair or replacement depending on the availability of a Champion certified locksmith. Not covered under the warranty are damage caused by resetting or attempt to service lock by unqualified personnel, excessive manipulation, extreme impact to lock or neglect or abuse by owner.

Champion Safe Company will repair or replace (at our option) free of charge, any safe broken into by forced entry or damaged due to an unlawful break-in attempt during the lifetime of the original purchase, if not covered by home-owners insurance. Damaged safe must be returned for evaluation to Champion Safe Company along with a report made by the investigating agency. Champion Safe will cover freight charges of the returned safe as well as the replacement safe.

Champion Safe Company will repair or replace (at our option) any safe damaged in a fire, if not covered by homeowners insurance. Damaged safe must be returned for evaluation to Champion Safe Company. Champion Safe Company specifically disavows any liability toward any contents of any safe for any reason.

Champion Safe Company specifically disavows any other expressed or implied representation, warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of the product.